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About Us

National Association For Life - SHKEJ is a Non Profit Organisation that was created on the 18th of February 2003 from a group of young people, inspired to be near people in need. SHKEJ operates as an Albanian NGO in the field of promoting Human Rights and Social Integration of human beings based on the International Conventions and National Legislations.

Give children a voice...

Let be them part of  our world's creation!

Our Vision and Mission

SHKEJ, as an Non Profit Organisation and in order to fulfill the vision that "every human being is well prepared to face life challenges and achieve a balance in everything they do"; takes action towards societies and vulnerable groups promoting rights, facilitating social integration, and taking part in developing their future. It offers different services, building capacities by making educative activities and advocacy

Our Mission

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To achieve SHKEJ’s goal, the work approach is based on the Model of Community Centre with its vision

‘’To support and build capacities for a developed community for families, lobby the culture of caring about children’s welfare, and offer available access for services in the territory".

Community Centre promotes the education of vulnerable groups and aims the reduction of poverty for marginalized communities, provides the increase of capacities for youngsters to create the perspective of a better future, and provides the empowerment of families so they can take better care and protection for their children.


Community Centres offers preventive services to support Children Protection by preventing and reducing the exploitation possibilities and their labor.

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