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At the end of 2022, SHKEJ completed 20 years of work in support of children

and all vulnerable groups to reach their potential and to have an essential

social involvement in society. This motivates us to work harder in the future

until the fulfillment of our mission and vision for safe and empowered children and families.

SHKEJ with the programs on child protection, empowering young people to

be advocates for themselves, the school and the community, empowering

families, interventions for Early Childhood, and work to prevent the phenomenon of exploitation and human trafficking, during the year 2022 has achieved to have an impact, to fulfill the mission. This would not have been possible without the excellent work of the SHKEJ staff, who, as always, have performed not only their duties with dedication, but have valued their mission work. Cooperation with partners and stakeholders has also been

significant in achieving results. In the end, but most importantly, a big thank

you to all our donors who have trusted us to rigorously fulfilling the consequences

for a valuable and successful society.

SHKEJ Annual Report 2022
Download PDF • 9.02MB

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